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How Ican use Pro Tax bot in my server ?

#1 invite Pro Tax

> To use the bot on your server you should to it to your server on discord you can invite it from Here or from

#2 Calculate tax

You can calculate the probot tax by typing !tax amount

Or by using slash commands simply you can type in chat box /tax amount

#3 Set auto tax in channel

the auto tax its calculate an amount tax without use any commmand, to use this goto the channel you want to setup on it auto channel tax and type !set-tax or /set-tax

now if im typing any amount the bot will be calculate it it and send the amount with tax

#4 Duplicate auto tax channel error

if you alredy have a tax channel and you are use /set-tax the bot will be reply with this

#5 Disable auto tax

To disable auto tax you can type !disable-tax or /disable-tax in your server

#6 No channel tax found error

if you see this message this is because you dont have any tax channel to disable it